Handmaiden's new jet engine

So… what’s up with this new sound of HM’s dash? I sounds weird imo. I think the old one was fine. Now it sounds like you have a jet engine mounted on your back. It reminds me of Bardins drake pistol double fire sound effect.

Feels kinda… metallic/mechanical/firey/clumsy/lumberfooty (stuff) not really the best fit for an elf.

Anyway, what do you think?


I actually like it hahahaha. Me mates had to tell me to shut up about it last night xD Kept going on and on lol

I agree, the new sound is a bit distracting. I understand the need for noticeable sounds as audio cues for certain things, but this is not one of them.

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Same kruber ult sound got changed. The heck, bring old ones back.

I like the new ones better!

Though I agree it seems odd they changed it, I haven’t seen/heard of anyone complaining about the old sounds…

Can other people even hear the dash sound? I always though it’s only client side and the only thing ppl can hear are the voice lines.

zealot charge does it too. its kinda funny

The old sounds were better.


I like it. Sounds a bit more chunky.