SFX Discrimination

Engineer sound effects (especially as bot) is extremely loud for everyone in the group.

Ironbreaker ult with the beating drum is still extremely loud for Ironbreaker players.


The Huntsman cannonball ult sound effect was completely removed?

I did think the Huntsman ult was too loud but I was sad when it was completely removed. I would love for it to make a return to the game but at a reduced volume. One of the great things about V2 on launch was the unique sound effects to career active abilities.

Please bring back the cannonball sound effect for Huntsman.

I can’t be the only person who misses hearing the BOOM BOOM BOOM when shooting a monster/patrol with it.


We reported this up a few times, but we could never find a repro for it weirdly. We’ve been given the steps countless times but for whatever reason it doesn’t happen for us :expressionless:

I’ve raised a bug for the missing “boom” though, I doubt it’s intended.

Is there any chance though that the huntsman ult SFX will make a return but at a reduced volume?

I think it only plays when you’re actually the Ironbreaker but it is loud AF! I can’t tell you how many times I get leeched after using that ult because of the drum beating sound lol

Yes, those Engi and IB sounds are too loud. IB is loud at the end of his ult phase.
On the other hand, Engi shooting sound could be a little louder.
Even air guns have sound

@SirKruber do you have an example of how it used to sound you can find? I’m coming up short in my research and I’m being quizzed hard by our sound designers!

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Maybe thinking of this one? @SirKruber @Fatshark_Hedge

Random youtube vid I found


This is exactly it!

OMG how could you have forgotton @Fatshark_Hedge ? That ult sound was so iconic!

I do hope it comes back though. Just make sure it’s not horribly loud the way it was on launch or just make it to where only the huntsman can hear it.

I would def play more huntsman if it came back lol


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So the original sounds as depicted were totally not intended. Huntman becomes one with the shadows. Sneaky sneaky. THEN BOOMSTICKBOOMSTICKBOOMSTICK. It just didn’t make sense in light of the motivation of the activated ability.

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Yeahh kinda broke the immersion a bit…
You have to admit it did fit goofy Kruber, though!

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It may not made any sense but it was the coolest thing in V2 on launch.

Dang. I guess Huntsman will be retired forever then. Thanks anyways.