Huntsman Prowl Audio boom boom

Each attack / enemy hit plays a boom sound during Prowl after breaking stealth.
Audio can be heard by all players close to Kruber and is “distracting”
Personally I see this as an absolute win, the change Huntsman needed


I’m also a fan. BOOOOOM!

Sadly I’ll pass this on for a fix though. Thanks!


It’s 10/10, Blunderbuss sounds like a literal cannon when fired into a horde


not as loud as it used to be :wink:

2018 huntsman SFX

please do not get rid of the big boom SFX again :frowning_face:

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Playing Huntsman I often get feedback from my teammates that the sound is earraping them, especially with rapid fire (i.e. bow light shots).
I like the Quad Damage reference and it makes the shots feel more powerful, but I’d be great if it could be tweaked.

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