Gameplay Seems Dramatically Improved

Noticing a ton of little improvements all across the board. Would love to see the notes on exactly what was fixed but that you, nonetheless. Others I’ve played with tonight have commented on this as well.


Same, pretty much everything seems better / more stable across the board. Haven’t had noticable lag in 10+ games as client, so that’s pretty amazeballs.

I noticed Handmaiden’s dash has a new sound too, a bit explodey. I like it better so far.

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feel like kruber’s halberd has some ghost swings to it now, it’s really not playing nice when enemies are right in your face. maybe every host has just been super laggy though.

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LB non-zoom reticle seems wider than I remember.

I haven’t tried it yet but will tonight!

@grimmochov a Merc on my team was complaining a similar thing about Halberd :frowning: I swear it seems like the ghost swings problem just migrates to a different set of weapons every patch…

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Mhhhhhm my sound is as bad as everytime.
Just ran into several hordes last game because of that.
Same with the occasional hookers spawning on us, especially while fighting a bossI usually get two silent ones spawning in the back.

Yeah I may have jumped the gun here. Seems to vary heavily hard I who’s nothing. Sometimes it’s better then ever then sometimes it’s about the same.

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