Handmaiden Hood Raising Over Headgear

This is a tiny bug but I may as well report it. If you press x to inspect your hero while wearing any headgear cosmetic other than the default one for Handmaiden, and then press x again before it goes back to first person, the hood raises temporarily. This occurs for all of the non-default headgear cosmetics for Handmaiden.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Equip a non-default headgear cosmetic on Handmaiden.
  2. Press x to inspect your hero.
  3. Let go of x.
  4. Press x again before the camera returns to the first person view.

Recording of the bug: https://youtu.be/DpX7P3ygdxA?t=3
(Please ignore the 3 second of black screen at the start)

I think it happens to most careers, had this happen myself on HM, GK and FK.

EDIT: For Kruber its his full beard that appears. FK has moustache but when u inspect as u said it shows full beard, same for GK u can see the beard sticking out from the helmet. But that’s only client side bug, asked my friends and they didnt see my beard.

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