Headgear colours suggestion

After grinding non-stop for the new headgears awarded for completing 100 missions on Champion or above for whatever career, specifically, as of right now, Waystalker and Handmaiden for Kerillian, I found that the headgears awarded weren’t what was advertised, especially for Handmaiden.

For example the Burning Crown headgear for Handmaiden, unlocked after completing 100 missions as that career on Champion or above, as advertised on the newsletter we all got emailed weeks ago, is suppossed to have a black mask underneath the helmet: http://www.vermintide.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/cosmetics_01.png

Unfortunatly to my disapointment this headgear has a white mask instead of a black mask. Worst of all this dosen’t match the skin advertised in that picture too of the Handmaiden skin unlocked for completing all missions on Legend.

Getting to the suggestion now, what I would like to see, taking Kerillian as an example, is to have the hoods and masks of all headgears, but not helmets, match that of her capes for whatever skins she has. So as another example whatever headgear I am wearing as Waystalker, both hood and mask, should match the colour of the cape. Say I’m wearing the skin unlocked for completing all missions on Legend, which is nearly completly black, the headgear would be the same black colour as the cape. Same goes for the Champion skin for Shade the hood and mask, but not whatever helmet might be being worn, would be red. Even for the base headgears too. Yes the hood for Handmaiden changes with whatever skin but the mask remains the same blue as the base skin.

I would very much like to see this feature implemented because as of right now I only have one headgear that matches a Legend skin for the Shade career and no headgears that match the Legend skins for both Waystalker and Handmaiden.

Thanks for reading.

It was never said it would be that one on the Picture, to be precise it was never advertised that Way. We even didn’t knew, as the Newsletter was send that we get for 100 played rounds a Hat. There is no false Advertisement.

BUT your right the black Mask fits way better, would be real nice if FS changed that.

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