Handmaiden bug with cosmetic helms and her hood

Im not sure if it affects all cosmetic hats im currently using eagle crest. At random times the hood covers the helmet completely.

Affects every Kerillian career when inspecting your character more than once.

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Who does that? It happens to me when i dont do that. For example: Getting disabled by a hunter while in 3rd person i see it happening.

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The same is true for Krubers Sun Premium Helmet.

When inspecting the char, sometimes his (merc) beard clips through it. It also glitches out when you move to fast - the feather then goes into crazy mode…

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I actually would like to have the option to wear the hood on top of the helmet, or at least more helmets with the hood on.
I like it better with hood on, even though it clips on some ; cause most of Kerillian’s head customizations make her look bald…
Same for Shade.

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