I keep getting Kerillians disembodied head obscuring my view while using sword and dagger.
this only occurs while stationery.
i am playing Waystalker while using the Champion of Ubersreik Hero skin, with the Horns of Kurous headgear.

Press X to inspect your hero in third person, that should fix it. Also disable the Third Person Equipment mod if you have it enabled, as that’s known to cause similar problems.

Are you using any mods, @Loth ?

I can confirm this bug.
This happens with Waystalker, but not with Shade.
This is also independent of weapons (tried dual dagger and glaive).
No mods were used on my side.

i have no mods active and this bug persists.

Happens to me with Elven Axe too so it’s definitely not weapon dependent. I’m also using the Champion of Ubersreik skin with the default headpiece.
And yes, pressing X makes it go away.

Try to inspect character from 3rd perspective, that often fix that kind of bugs

have done the inspect using X and it works.

Thank you everyone.

Can confirm, just loaded the game up and hopped on WS, left clicked and there is is. I am also running the Hero of Ubersreik because I can’t stand the non-matching hood colours.

Funny visual glitch but not a big deal. AFAIK it only happens in the keep.

Have the same bug on PC, from what I check, I only get the bug when I’m using the Champion of Ubersreik skin for her. Doesn’t happend with other skins I have unlocked.

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