I paid money for shades premium cosmetic outfit that i still cant use after nearly 2 months because of a visual POV bug

I reported this nearly 2 months ago:

You can see the cape swinging into the bottom right of the screen every time you attack with a weapon…

As far as I can tell this only happens on Heavy1 with S&D, Dual Swords and Glaive.

But yeah, that’s quite annoying.

Those are her sleeves.

Here’s when inspecting the weapons :

They do look a bit clippy when attacking, but is it really that “unplayable” ?
Unless I’m not seeing what you’re seeing, this is not a big deal.

Edit : they are less visible on certain weapons though, so I understand that they could make them more discreet on all.

Did you try Heavy1 on S&D, Dual Swords or Glaive?
This thing does not look like a sleeve, and it flops about in a weird way when using Heavy1 with those weapons.

I do see the sleeves on these attacks, and it looks briefly buggy, but that doesn’t prevent you from using the skin alltogether.

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Agreed, it doesn’t. I don’t think it’s that big a deal when you’re actually in a proper fight.
Still, if it can be fixed that would be nice.

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Wow considering this was the second report of this I assumed the issue was way worse. I can barely tell.

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