Handmaiden perma invisability bug is back again after being fixed

This bug is back again i just got it in my last game today. When playing handmaiden drinking a purple potion and spamming ults makes you invisible for the rest of the game.

Just tested this, unless I’m doing something wrong I cannot recreate this bug. Handmaiden, spam steath skill, tried both conc and decant charms, stealth worked as intended. I know how the old bug worked as I could trigger it without effort. Strange you’ve encountered this bug unless it is triggered in a different way, under different specific circumstances, to the previous bug.

Why would you want to recreate the bug on your end when its only use is to exploit the game? Dont do that. The bug is extremely rare and not consistent like it was before when people were using it to farm achievements and vaults but the fact its back in the game is unacceptable even if it has a much lower chance of happening.

I think he was just seeing if it worked to add proof to your claim, don’t think you needed to snap at him like that. Seeing as how its very rare when it happens, the likelihood that it gets fixed is nil. Without the logs or video there’s not really much they can go off of, and FS has stated most dev’s are currently on Darktide, and seeing as how it got delayed again, this is gonna be on the backburner for a while.


Thank you Rat_Effer, that is exactly what I was trying to do. If I could have reproduced the bug then I would be another voice bringing attention to this game breaking bug and making it more likely to be fixed. If the developer can be told exactly how the bug is produced the more quickly they can identify and fix the problem.


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