Handmaiden Dash Invisibility cooldown?

So several times now when using a conc pot to clutch as HM I’ve been targeted by assassins whilst ‘perma dashing’.

Given that with a conc pot the ult takes less than 3 seconds to change, which is the duration of the invis granted by her 25 talent, how is a disabler able to target me?

Is the talent suppose to have an undisclosed cooldown?

Has anyone else had issues with this?

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Invisibility is more a suggestion to follow if the AI feels like it.


The first use of the dash grants invis, if you’re constantly dashing, it does not refresh the invis every time you dash, but only after the first invis has run out (i.e. the invises don’t overlap)

I’ve been caught by the same “phenomenon” myself multiple times, and it sucks every time. I really wish it would just refresh/reset the invis buff every time the dash is used. But this is probably a design choice. One I don’t agree with, but hey I’m not a designer over at fatshark. (or it might be a bug, who knows)

Other than that there’s still several enemies that follow you with their attacks if they’ve started an attack sequence, even if you’re invisible, sadly… such as shieldvermin in their combo, or plague monks/berserkers in their attack combos, to name a few. This part of it is definitely a bug, though.

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Makes sense. Cheers.

Yeah sucks that beserkers track once they’ve started their chain. SOO annoying.

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Sounds mostly like a simple oversight. Done that way to prevent “stacking” invisibilities bugging out, most likely, but failed to take into account that it can be triggered that way and then end its duration right after a dash (when it should be activated for two or three more seconds).

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