Handmaiden DoT Does 6-7 damage at 650 Hero Power

After testing in modded realm, it seems the Handmaiden Dot does 6-7 Damage. In 1.6, the DoT did 35 damage without taking the extra bleed damage talent. This was when mobs had much lower HP values. You could hit a BP to kill maurauders with the bleed. I can only assume this nerf is unintended. I suspect that the DoT is not scaling with Hero Power, similar to the recent Wiz bug. Please take a look at this. If this is intended, it is a silly change. It is not even remotely competitive with invisibility or 25% crit.


Yep, definitely a problem. With no power vs skaven or infantry, it would take you three dashes to kill a slave rat on legend and cataclysm.

Waiting for Fatshark to confirm this is a bug. Otherwise, lmao.

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