Handmaiden Power from Pain

There’s been a lot of thought that Power from Pain isn’t giving the correct critical strike chance. I’ve played around with it and agree that something isn’t right.
I looked at the talent settings for Kerillian for the Power from Pain buff

Every other talent that grants critical strike chance uses the text ‘bonus’ instead of ‘multiplier’ when showing the amount of critical strike chance to give
See Pyromancer passive

I only have a basic grasp of how the code works but this could be reviewed in any case.

Would actually be pretty hilarious if it attempts to multiply your current crit chance with 0.05.

What it does is most likely:
x = your crit chance

x + x * 0.25

so if you have 10% you will have 12.5% which is nowhere near viable considering other 2 choices imo

If that’s true then the talent is kinda useless. At max 25% on a weapon with a passive 10% crit, crit chance, and oak stance it only bumps it up to 30%.Do you know if it’s multiplied after all other bonuses or only affects the base?

They should just remove her Ult at this point. :’)

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Yeah i don’t understand all the nerfs the HM ult got either. Devs should just remove the bleed and invisibility talents and make them built into the dash, at least then HM ult wouldn’t be an inferior to literally all the other dash type ults. Not sure what the replacement talents for the now in-built talents could be, but I’d say different buffs, like movement speed or damage resistance after dashing could be interesting enough.

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Yeah that’s something that crossed my mind. Even if it were to work properly i would say its still on the weaker side of things but assuming the math is something like this then it is absolutely on the useless tier.

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