[HANDGUN] One simple idea

I really love Handgun style: a clunky, rude, slow but lethal weapon… Or better I would love it if something was not destroying its niche.

But let’s start talking about its disadvantages.

  • Slow rate of fire… Wich is very slow. This is a serious problem: it’s enough to think about how many specials and elites the game vomits on us. But I can accept it… It’s a legit tradeoff to compensate its sweet breakpoints;

  • Few ammo. I “love” this disadvantage too… Because if you play Huntsman or Ranger Veteran you can go for “bodyshot style”. Pretty easy. With the other careers you have to aim for heads to save ammo.

  • Discomfort. The weapon doesn’t seem to have a fluency:

    • The time to aim is too long (there isn’t any bow’s rope to pull!)
    • The hitscan bullet is very bugged;

We have some disadvantages that can seem legit… But here starts the real problem.

  • NONE PENETRATION. This point ruin the entire weapon. As said, Handgun is meant to be slow but lethal. Its damage is very good, but without penetration its niche is TOTALLY DESTROYED. How could I exploit its damage if a simple rat can block the bullet? The majority of specials/elites are between hordes… So they are immune. And what about a rat that suddenly “appears” between my target and the gun? I haven’t control on this.
    And if I “miss” a shot, I must wait years before to fire a second bullet.

As said we should proceed step by step… And the first one would be to give to Handgun more penetration and see what happens.
P.s this would not make the gun too strong vs hordes because the rate of fire would remain slow.


I agree the penetration needs to be better. The core of the issue with Handgun, however, is that its disadvantages are only worth it if it basically deletes everything it hits, under all conditions. A little more penetration is absolutely fair, but what it really needs is the ability to kill everything up to a Mauler with a bodyshot even on Cata. Upping its damage that much would make it overpowered vs. Monsters and Chaos Warriors though, so its damage vs. Monster and Super Armor should be adjusted accordingly.


Do hitscan weapons penetrate in this game thought? Wouldn’t want it to be converted to projectile weapon like BoP were for penetration. Damage would be nice though - having less destructive force than a thrown axe is ridiculous for a freakin musket.


That would be ideal, since the hitscan function is still bugged anyway and perfectly aimed shots miss randomly.


Well, they might scan through, however I’d then like FS to extend the “Shieldvermin cannot block hitscan” to “Shieldvermin cannot block firearms”. Then I’m fine with that - not that I can’t shoot or anything.

I agree.

Exactly. I also meant this with “Discomfort”.


Do aimed handgun shots have spread? it would make sense if you dont aim them but aimed thats kinda annoying.

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Damage values according to armor type are actually set individually, iirc. You could up the base damage and the monster & armor damage wouldn’t even be affected. You could also theoretically make a weapon that has more armor damage than unarmored damage.

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Don’t forget that packmasters are monster type as well

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Handguns already one-shot bodyshot pack masters on cata, so that shouldn’t be a problem… I think.

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Yes, I know. But I was under the impression (from earlier patch notes) that a weapon has a base damage value, and modifiers vs. each type of armor. So a weapon does X damage, and the modifier vs. armor type Y is, for example, 0.7. So if you up the base damage you can reduce the modifier vs. Monster and Super Armor to end up at the same damage output. You might well be right though, I have no idea how the game works behind the screen. But however damage is cakculated, I’d propose number tweaking to end up increasing damage vs. Infantry, Armored, and Berserker while leaving damage vs. Monster and Super Armor as is. And that’s my answer to @WhereIsBaoDur as well: In this case handgun still one shots Packmasters.

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If it’s supposed to stay on low ammo and slow reload, Handgun needs to reliably one-shot anything below a chaos warrior on cata.

Otherwise it needs some sort of combination of some or all of: more penetration, more ammo, faster reload.


Some penetration is much needed. Shot at 2 clan rats standing inside each other for kicks and giggles last night. Headshot one, the other completely unscathed. I don’t see why the lowest mass units can block ranged cleave like that :confused:

Not asking for pre-1.6 where you could railgun an entire horde, but the weapon should be able to cleave 2-3 infantry


You know handgun actually have more damage on armor than unarmored

yeah like VT1
we have more enemies, it’s only fair