Huntsman - Suggestions

Weapon Mechanics:

– Suggestions –


Speed and spread penalty for moving with RMB is excessive, especially compared to Waystalker
LMB and RMB spread is too high needs to be improved at least by 15%
Scaling attack speed slow on greater degrees of charge is also a bit excessive with little accuracy and damage benefit, encouraging awkward split second RMB into LMB spam in most circumstances
RMB into crouch actually makes spread worse instead of better, not sure if this is intended but the opposite occurs with Waystalker


Worthless on Legend
Uptime/Reload speed is too slow for damage it does
No interesting talent/item property options to make it enticing

Revolver Handgun:

LMB spread is too high
Could be awesome if unfocused spread made close-mid range headshots more viable,
think there is potential for this weapon to be a lot of fun with sensible buffs and rebalancing


Range could be slightly improved


– Suggestions –

critical hit temp health should probably be reworked to be more competitive with kill for temp health, particularly at lower levels


Career Special -

Interrupts RMB on Handgun/Bow, a much needed fix to make special + handgun/bow better and less clunky

Utility is pretty low generally, wish I had a fun ability I could use a little more liberally than a stat booster for a few seconds in special circumstances.

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