Halescourge - Lohner's intro speech replaced with Oleysa

Loaded into Halscourge as quickplay client. No scrolling text on screen, and Lohner’s audio was replaced with an Oleysa speech about collecting essence.

Steps to reproduce the issue - Keep loading a new Halescourge until the wrong audio loads up, I assume.

How consistently the issue occurs for you - Only happened once, so far.

Lohner’s “silly buggers” speech played correctly on another run, so it’s not that one.

I had Oleysa talking about weaves during my loading screen for Halscourge as well.

Not related to Halescourge (or any other map, I believe). I received Olesya’s Life Weave speech multiple times, on different maps, instead of Lohner’s narration (including the text crawl).

While I noticed it only after playing a Weave, it’s possible that it existed before. It certainly was there after going through a Weave and then playing another map, and persisted after.

I was client all the time.

The last console log:
console-2018-03-01-20.52.46-F4756D41-B042-4872-BF52-B138.log (1.1 MB)

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