Halberd problem & how to fix it

Hoping in V3 we get the full Darktide unlimited Weapons treatment. :sweat_smile:

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What is block-h2 ?

You say it is powercreep, but also a nerf overall, which is confusing.

If you consider the change in combo (removing Light sweep connection to Heavy sweep), you’re forced to do stabs in-between, so the overall power stays about the same (for the common use cases of Heavy sweep). Its not just about H2 Sweep getting more powerful, cause you can’t use it in a vacuum, like H1 Stab block cancel.

I actually mixed up weapons here a bit…have used the elf spear with its blockpush-sweep-h2 too much ._.

But well the idea was that the heavy 2 armor cleave is important since it does help when fighting, stormvermin in particular. Even if its not really good when faced with a lot of shields or bulkier unarmored like maulers/monks it still has it’s place in ensuring versatility.

The weapon being so versatile is a large part of why one would use it, make it a bit too niche and its like greatsword which only really shines outside base content.

I´ve been saying that its a flat nerf if just implemented as suggested from the start. But if its buffed up so that the new combo does to match the the situations where current l1-h2 is used and good then it´d be powercreep since the new combo also works better against armor.

It looks odd with the current pattern of sweep to the right followed by sweep to the right. It’s like if the Greatsword just repeated the first light attack animation instead of its second light swinging from the left.

For what it’s worth, they did rework Sword & Shield’s stab animations and the Repeater Handgun’s barrel spin animation way back. Maybe they’ll give the Halberd another look at some point.

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