Halberd Jank

I’ve been wanting halberds in Vermintide since the first game came out AND I main Kruber but I just can’t bring myself to use the halberd in its current state with the awful attack chains it has been given. The dreadful mix of stabs and swings just makes it really awkward to use effectively. You can’t even chain the heavy swing together with the light swing. Constantly blocking to break the attack chain after ONE attack so you don’t flaccidly stab into a horde of rats is just annoying.

The light attack really needs to be 3 horizontal swings, or 2 followed by a stab/vertical, while the heavy attack should be like the rapier: stab, stab, stab or stab, vertical swing, reset. Or do the opposite and make the light attack the stabs. Just… anything to make it handle better. I get that perhaps the devs didn’t want to set it up like this because the extra reach would make it too powerful, but it just feels awful with the current implementation and there has got to be a better solution

Also, am I missing something or does the second chain in the light attack chain, the stab, not penetrate armour? The pointy bit that would be FOR penetrating armour doesn’t, but all the other attacks do? Why???..

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i meeeean, i don’t know what level / experience you’re at but the halberd is AT LEAST considered among the best for kruger, if not the best, with some going as far as calling it the beast meele weapon period.

It comes down to the pushstab->stab repeat chain. Stagger + 2 quick overheads, deals with sv patrols about as good as a beam sienna does, and does even BETTER against stuff like cw.

i assume the chain is fubar since at high level people are just using basically light 1 and allmost nothing else but… it’s not a weak weapon i can tell you that much

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bFM4I8q_GSo&feature=youtu.be <- here you go, quick demo and what it does to legend sv


I never said, nor do I believe, the weapon is weak. I said it was awkward and janky, which it is. The light 1 attack spam is exactly what I was talking about with constantly blocking to interrupt the attack chain.

The weapon actually being good makes it even worse as I don’t want to use it because of the above stated issues.

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I believe a control pattern similar to Saltzpyre rapier would be nice: Light attacks are slashes and Heavy attacks are thrusts. KISS

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Yeah halberd is great. I perfer executioner sword for the light-attack-wide-sweeps and massive headshot power attack. However, I cannot argue that the halberd is much better due to it’s shield breaking etc… it takes me and my executioner sword like 20 hits to kill a shield stormvermin

use the push attack

push attack is useless when there are 2 shield holders and 3 stormvermin in close quarters. you push 1 and 2-3 others replace them and attack. i try to push as many as i can in 1 swing but it takes forever to get enough of them down sometimes to get enough time for a power attack

umm. hold block, then press attack to push but hold attack instead of releasing. you will do an overhand attack with halberd that is great for decapitating stormvermin. get more stamina shields and just do that over and over to clear a sv patrol. im not talking about the power attack im talking about the push attack

I’m a kruber main and the halberd is an absolutely AMAZING weapon, both in viability and feel. What it isnt is a LMB spam weapon. Against hordes I do LMB light->RMB block cancel and repeat that. The 2nd attack in the chain is very good vs shields. The 3rd/push attack does insane dmg to single targets and you can mix in light attacks after doing a heavy or push attack to continue the chain. It’s amazing fun and you’re well rewarded for the difficulty to use considering how powerful and versatile it is - there are VERY few weapon that are both good vs SV and good vs hordes.

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Wow, I love how people with low understanding of this game try to change it. You know that halberd is one of the best weapons in game? It is totally great. On champion the game is easy with it, on Legend it is still very good. You can with it:

  • hold the waves
  • do tons of aoe dmg
  • kill armored enemies fast, even choas champion
  • it has good stagger
    There is no second melee all around weapon like this, you are just bad at using it.
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God3nder, you can still get your points across through teaching and guiding without resorting to insulting and being condescending. :slight_smile:

Hmm yep I am condescending, that’s my style, but I did not insult anyone, please do not call me actions that, I did not do :wink:

Good lord peoples reading comprehension is atrocious. I said the weapon is AWKWARD. Not BAD.