Hagbane/Shortbow bullet drop effect

I think the the amount of “bullet drop” for the hagbane and shortbow needs to be adjusted or looked at,because I find it hard to believe that even on a drawn/charged shot the amount of drop the arrows have on such a short distance is a bit silly .

IMO the shortbow is currently fine. It has insane amount of arrows and proper for short / mid range. it’s not supposed to be used to “snipe”, for that you have longbow.

Hagbane on the other hand feels quite useless compared to VM1 and might need to be looked at.
But Kerillian might not be the character that requires the most attention right now. She’s amazing in melee with a good variety of weapons and same thing for long range.

Might want to tune Slayer a bit first like adding hatchets throw on Dual Axes or something (like victor’s gun on rapier for example)

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