Hagbane bow needs adjustment after Patch 1.05

Sure, but theres no timing, no numbers ( i still agree with you )

Imo hagbane should have more kick to it on legend, on champ and below sure it will demolish as long as you have arrows for it ( limiting it’s potential to WS )

What bothers me the most about … all elf bows really is the way they made armor types and and how elf bows interact with bosses, you kind of needing a str pot to be able to deal un crit damage… leaves a bad taste in my mouth in terms of design

do u mean vaul’s quiver or some other mechanic? because vaul’s quiver works all the time regardless of your hp. something like 4% ammo every 7 seconds.

the LB has no means of CCing the patrol to buy time for your party to kill. also, the hagbane should be killing much more than 2 SV per patrol if they are grouped up, unless you are hitting shields, then it does no damage.

also, hagbane doesn’t really synergize well with handmaiden, too little ammo and no ammo regen.

one of the hagbane’s core strengths is CC. in legend a longbow is not gonna save your group if they’re suddenly surrounded by an ambush, 4 stormvermin and a couple maulers and people are dying - hagbane spam to clear the area for breathing room is an example of the utility it provides. one of the best things to do is to heavy shot a huge bunch of enemies that are just about to lay the smack down on a teammate, it will stun all of them and buy time for that person to get away or kill them.

otherwise, str pot hagbane light attack spam on unarmoured parts of bosses is still the highest burst dps out of all the bows.

well not sure if xbow is part of your subset of elf bows, but i don’t need no str potion to shred a boss with a shade at range, it helps of course

Yeah, it’s pretty stellar. I thought the same thing for the longest time then a friend told me and I finally tried it. You have enough ammo you’re able to spam quickshots when the situation calls for it or to take full advantage of a hunter proc and still you don’t have to worry. Plus her ult makes a big difference.

It’s so funny you say this because I was doing a deed for war camp a bit ago on legend and I saved all my ammo for Bodvar since there’s no pickups and when I went to shoot him with a charged headshot I was baffled by how it did literally no damage. Meanwhile my knight kruber is going in with the blunderbuss

Never liked the hagbane much because I never found it outperforming the swiftbow. Also it isn’t very efficient against specials which mostly require ranged weapons.

It halts hyperdense hordes better? Arguably. I’d trueshot it in the 0.001% chance the swiftbow couldn’t handle.

Xbow is the exception to the rule, but i meant bows :slight_smile:

I started using the xbow a bit ago and found it’s quite good for chaos hordes and bosses. It definitely beats the swift bow in terms of horde clearing and specials in my opinion. I know you’re saying str pot lights on hagsbane are great on monsters, but honestly I’ve found that with the increased potion duration (or if you’re lucky with the dupe) the charged shots do more damage. The Lb stills beats it in terms of damage against monsters on Legend. On champ though the hb is more convenient since it does good damage and you can just fire away, but again on Legend I’ve found it doesn’t make the climb. The changes I would suggests for it is just give it 6-8 more shots and 0.75-1 more damage per shot. That way it will out damage the LB on bosses and it does better on ammo for handmaiden or shade for those that want to use it instead of the xbow. Of course I really just rather them test multiple changes they could make to it and then come to their own conclusion on how it should be balanced, but I just wanted to make a suggestion. Someone stated earlier that it’s niche and I would certainly agree with that as the lb just feels more adaptable and reliable.
On an off note, I would love to actually get an exact number on the DoT the venom does on the Hagsbane, but unfortunately there is no way to find out unless someone datamined it from the game or the devs told us.

My only concerns with is are ammo on Handmaiden and Shade, and whether or not charged shots benefit from weapon traits.

Other than that, charged attacks on hordes is insane, light shot spamming bosses is good, and left click spamming unarmoured targets is pretty good.

As Shade, Hagbane is my main bow for a monster killing build and it works great.

Swiftbow has incredibly low monster damage, and near useless against armored targets and it’s stagger is not very effective.

Hagbane performs decently here, even against specials it’s still quite good. It’s all about familiarizing yourself with the tool.

The glaring issues with ammo or effect per arrow is another case : P

If I’d want to focus on armored targets and monsters I’d pick Shade.
Not that it couldn’t be a good ranged weapon for that career, but again, low ammo pool.

I don’t have an elf, so I don’t know if hagbane needs buff or not… but, in 200h, I don’t see no one play with it.

I’ve also seen … about 1 or 2 with the hagbane and they all cursed it through the game, but they were reaaalllyyy bad players : /

That’s a ballsy proposition XD Their general default “balance” perspective seems to be “nerf it into the f’in ground” with buffs being metered out more conservatively.

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I disagree^^

I mainly use hagbane on keri, legend.

This weapon is pure gold against hordes, particularly hyperdense ones, heck its even worth if you get stuck in melee to quickly make some space then draw the bow and shoot infront of you, everything around except yourself gets staggered and dies then or in the next shot.

All for you taking minimal damage in return, which is countered by the kills for health trait.

And with strength potion its the best anti boss weapon i know off, i have consistently managed to take somewhere between 40-50% of a bosses health as it was running towards me by emptying my quiver onto it.

Its damn glorious, even a slayer bardin dropped his beard on the ground in admiration and a “slight” amount of exasperation.

But i do think it could use a slight damage buff against rotblood mobs, these fellows sometimes endure 2 doses of poison and its a tad bit much for normal mobs to do so.

Its fine vs stormvermin and chaos maulers, you just shoot once or twice then melee them, it’s significantly easier once they are poisoned ^^

If encountering too many you just dump 5 shots on em, press F and shoot again if needed.

Usually works as long as things dont go too crazy, like spawn+horde+leech+assassin+gunner or gasrat or some other lineup.


I’ll just go ahead and confirm that this was indeed addressed in a prior patch and is now working regardless of HP, you regain ammo anytime you were originally meant to gain a tick of health, whether you actually gain health or not.

Thats pretty debatable, it does good damage to bosses but not as much as say shade’s stealth + Volly Combo or even shade burst from melee. Its biggest boon is clearing waves but generally speaking thats trivial, its slow to kill specials so I think its really play-style dependent. I think Hagbane is fine but saying its the best might be a bit of an exaggeration.


Str potion make HB damage pretty insane. But yeah i prefer longbow over hb personally.

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If your friends are out of position and get surrounded it’s really good too. The low ff you mentioned and high stagger is really nice for that sort of situation.

I also use it to clear small mobs around Chaos Warriors.

Shame they nerfed ff so much on leg :confused:

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