Gunpsyker + Infernus

As someone who enjoys occasionally running a gun Psyker, I feel it’ll be a really interesting addition if the Infernus lasguns are able to synergize with their Soulblaze feats. The Laspistol already has a unique force push property for psykers, I’d imagine a soulblaze build with its innate crit potential would set its identity apart moreso as a weapon.

In fact, more psyker-exclusive blessings and features on guns would go a long way to promote the versatility of the Psyker’s arsenal, though I’m not exactly crossing my fingers for those anytime soon.


The nature of warpfire is not the same, as simple combustion.
The point is: you can use freaks mind to deliver curse, but weapon may only be a mere conductor. Laser nature is wave and it’s already self sufficient. To conduct psy-energy you need something else, like staves. Simple sword is no go too, only force weapons allow psykers to deliver curse.


Thanks for the insight from a lore perspective. Like many aspects of the game, I think there should be a compromise to round off gameplay mechanics without rendering it unfaithful to the source material.

I’d be pretty content if wrack and ruin was swapped out for some kind of gun feat. You already have some pseudo synergy in your kit in BB countering crushers and Bulwarks that a lot of otherwise good guns struggle with. However something in the feat tree to explicitly boost that playstyle would go a long way.

I would generally love for Psyker to get more modified special attacks for their shared weapons. That could open up some very interesting options.