Psyker Idea: all bleed and burn stacks converted to soulblaze

An idea I had about psyker weapons and felt like it was interesting enough to actually share.

Interesting idea, but it could potentially be a bit nutty.
Bleed works quite different than burn and soulblaze.
Bleed stacks are generally faster to apply than the burns, but they also run out much more quickly.

If you take a knife with T4 lacerate (4 bleed stacks per bodyshot) or a chainsword with T4 bloodletter (14 bleed stacks on special attack hit), applying soulblaze instead of bleeds, you would slap pretty much anything in no time.

As a psyker main, i would love to see this, since it would likely be very fun.
But it would probably also be pretty nutty.

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There are other sources of weapon soulblaze on psyker. I feel like it would be easy to scale the soulblaze stacks so that there is some parity.

As an aside, it is a shame that the various dots etc don’t really integrate well between characters in the team.

I know you’ve the various +bleed with vet 'nades and Ogryn charge/heavy/resist, and obvs theres lacerate and crit build. But it doesn’t feel to me that you could get a team synergy going where you all play off / benefit from that mechanic.

I just thought it’d be interesting if combinations of burn / bleed / soul could be worked in to a premade team to let people explore a more synergistic way of playing.