Gun Psyker

There Should be a Blitz for Gun Psykers, something like Scryers Gaze, an activated ability that buffs you and/or allies, this would give Gun Psykers some form of niche to slide into. No one wants to use Scryers Gaze cause it replaces the other two (vastly more useful) abilities, but making it a blitz or adding a blitz of something similar would be good so its not just staff Psykers being viable.
The Problem is that if you are a Gun Psyker, you arent using your blitz much, as you wanna bugg your gun damage and deal ranged damage most of all, so it can be hard to build into it.

The blitz don’t really compliment the stave either, not sure if it is needed.

And I don’t think we will see any more blitz unless ze get more classes

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What are you on about?
The opposite is true.

Which Blitz compliment the stave ?

Yeh, if you want to play a gun psyker, you’ll have to take assail or smite, both of which are sustained abilities, especially assail, at which point there’s a strong incentive to just keep using that.
I tried, and then ended up mostly playing melee with shards for Disrupt Destiny, and only ocassionally pull out a gun when I remember I have it.

BB and Assail have a good synergy with short ranged staves - I do miss the nuke option that some of the other classes’ grenades offer, but at least I have a reason to use both.

All of them complement staffs (or staff+melee combinations).
No need to get into detail again.

Doesn’t that thread point more toward what I said than the other way ?

The OP, yes.
The responses, no.

Gun Psyker can work.

Putting a heavy hitting weapon with Smite

Brainburst with bounty full weapons like the Reccon

And Assail is no more complimenting to staves than it is to guns

I really, really heavily disagree with this thread. Scryer’s Gaze feels amazing and is powerful with the guns. I love it running with a chainsword and the MK 7a Recon Las. The damage and crit buff you get from Scryer’s gaze 100% constitutes taking it as an ultimate ability. Additionally if that isn’t your thing, both shield Psyker complement a gun or ranged centric playstyle as well. For Blitzes, I take BB to get those auto procs, and also BB is a good backup ranged weapon if you run out of ammo.

Assail is probably a better back up ranged weapon for shooter hordes, but ew Assail.


The bigger question I think is “what should a gun psyker do”? Beyond just generating lots of crit chance, I’m not sure what there is to offer. The Gungryn covers heavy medium range fire support, the Veteran covers gunners and popup specialists and highlight foes to shoot, what is the Psyker doing better with the ammo they’re consuming?

Right now, I don’t see that there’s a clear defined role that isn’t better filled by other builds or different classes. One of the Psyker’s great strengths is that they don’t need to rely on and compete for consumable pickups, and if a Psyker is going to choose to build themselves in a way where they do need to compete for those, and do so at a much greater proportional rate than something like a Vet (which may be able to stretch ammo resources more through talents and abilities), they need to be putting it to some serious use. I’m not sure what that use is.

If Psykers could do cool Gunfu stuff like use their psychic powers to shoot around corners or through obstacles or guide bullets to weakspots without needing precision aiming (the way Assail does now for example) etc would be super neat and offer a lot more tactical options, but just stacking a bunch of crit chance starts to feel like “why didn’t we just bring another Vet?”.


I like it in concept, but it doesn’t feel like it gets enough stacks up before ending unless you active vent while it’s active, which feels a bit counter productive when you’re bringing it for a weapon that’s can’t vent. I’m still a bit confused about it because the description says kills slow down peril generation but it really doesn’t feel like they do so.


I felt somewhat similar, at least with ranged guns, but a big part of it feeling good for me is less waiting for the perfect chance to use it and get stacks, but just proc it whenever you’re going to fight an actual enemy group. The base damage buff, crit chance, finesse damage buff, and extra damage from warp rider means that you don’t need the extra stacks to be very strong. Additionally I take Precog over Reality Anchor, as I find that extra finesse is great for the rapid fire ranged weapons, and is another buff that lasts for 10 seconds after you leave Gaze.

You’re not going to notice it a ton on the guns. I’m not sure how it shows in the base game, but I use the True Peril mod as sometimes the Peril value you see isn’t your actual peril value. The slowdown is most noticeable When chunking huge groups of enemies in melee with something like an Illissi strike. Additionally, while in Scryer’s gaze the amount of peril gained ramps up the longer you are in it, so it’s less of an actual slow down and more of a tug of war that you will eventually lose, but you can prolong.

Rambled a bit longer than I though, so if something was confusing let me know. Personally I feel the best guns are the Recon Las and the Las Pistol, however I want to try the infantry auto and las guns as well. Might be nice on the Revolver to get extra crit chance etc, might be able to one shot a crusher with it MAYBE.

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