Grudge Marks, Patch 4.4.2 and the Geheimnisnacht Event are out now on all platforms!


Dropping a comment here for everyone to see, please do read it!.

Some of the event quests give a weapon illusion as a reward! Check Okri´s book for info.


Cool, but…

No shark head as hat? :frowning:

I hope we can get another chance to obtain it…

couldnt get it last year



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Also I had some freezes today, but haven’t narrowed them down to a specific mods. Turning all of them off did the trick. I guess that’s to be expected - we just need to wait for the mods to get updated.

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Just saw it by accident but the title is missing a “m” in Geheimnisnacht

I really like such German phrases like Geheimnisnacht. :grin:

Happy Halloween

I think Lohner pronounces it wrong as well in one of his voice lines.

But then again, all these people supposedly modelled after the Germans pronounce the name of his God-Emperor wrong - See-gmar (as opposed to, you know, the correct way). Heresy I say.


For those of us who already I have it I want a shark head wearing another shark head.

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