[Patch 4.5.0] Tab menu does not show party loadouts/equipment anymore

In Patch 4.4.2, the following feature was added to the game:

However, as of the Warrior Priest update, Patch 4.5.0, it doesn’t show the loadout or the equipped items of the other players in the party anymore - both bots and humans. It only shows my own loadout (I’m the Foot Knight in this screenshot) :

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It shows for me with bots. The problem with players seems to be this setting

It seems completely backward that this can’t be set to show all equipment and talents to all players, which should be the default.


Didn’t notice that they added that setting. I agree that they should add a “Public” option, and set that as default. Most of my games are played with randoms so I won’t be able to see most other players’ loadouts with this new setting.

I miss the Player List Plus mod. It worked better than the current implementation of the tab menu.


There is a public option on its way!


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