Grenadier weapon stats vs Flak wrong

Issue Description:
The Grenadier Gauntlet’s damage stats vs Flak is wrong, it deals way more than listed and calculations show it should be a value in between (same calculations correct for all other armor types)

Upload Supporting Evidence:

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Not considering that you’re using a simplified formula to calculate the damage, you didn’t account for the +8% ranged damage vs. specialists on the weapon while shooting specialists.

Sure, my calculations may be wrong but the numbers in the breakdown isn’t representing anything real

Also aren’t those elite not special?

Yes, those are elites not specials, my bad. The discrepancy in damage might be because of the projectile dealing impact damage first and then the explosion dealing a second instance of damage.

Sure but the numbers on the Rumbler combines those correctly

Yes, because the rumbler does not explode on impact. The table most likely only lists the explosion damage not the impact hit (or vice versa).

Thank you for your report! Just to confirm, every other damage value is showing up correctly, right?

Not really, the numbers are not what the weapon deals but its what the numbers add up to when doing the math. The Flak one is just completely wrong.

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