Grenadier Gauntlet's Special hitting more than one enemy with full dmg

Issue Description:
Not sure if bug or intented. The Gauntlet’s special attack hits more enemies with high dmg than the shot.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Go to Psykhanium’s poxwalkers.
  2. Shoot at one, the surrounding ones get abysmal weak area-dmg.
  3. Kill them to respawn 'em at the same locations.
  4. Specialhit them and the full-dmg radius seem to be bigger.
  5. Try if from different angles to further narrow it down.

It could be possible that the radius itself stays the same, but the different kind of attacks have a different locations of the Aoe’s center (i.e. hit location of the projectile vs center of the special’s connected enemy). Hard to test on my end.

I actually like the idea of having the special GG attack having a better horde-clear/aoe capabilities due to it requiring it to take a risk (longer animation+melee range only). Please note it as a Gameplay Feedback kind of text =)

Edit: oops, you can hear my Dungeons&dragons discord in the back :wink:

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