Grenadier Gauntlet being awful at melee despite being a Hybrid weapon

Why have melee damage listed as a stat on metal fists when they do basically the same damage as a Rumbler or Stubber special attack?

Why have a light & heavy attack chain for this weapon as the main attack yet have it do zero damage to hordes? Why does the light chain sweep if it does no cleave damage???

Why does the heavy sweep (Even if you fully charge it) not count as a heavy attack and still do nothing to hordes?

I want to make a punching build, but this melee/ranged hybrid weapon does basically no damage to enemies compared to an actual melee weapon.

I hear a lot of “It’s a ranged weapon, the melee is only for stagger”, but then why list the melee damage as the main stat? They’re literal metal fists on a super bulky muscle man and they do less damage than a shovel wielded by a shrimp of a person!


I’m with you 100%, Ogryns should be just as proficient slapping enemies around with whatever is in hand as they are using their knives or clubs. Its not like grenade gauntlet can block anyway. Also the stubber’s attack is straight up animation vomit, it is so lazy and has absolutely no impact on hit.

Yup, right now the Gauntlets have the exact same cleave as slapping.

Exactly, you can’t even block with Gauntlets. If they’re going to be risky to use as a melee weapon, it should be worth using as a melee weapon.

If I just wanted to knock things away from me, I’d just swap to my melee and push/stagger with that.

ogre got the rough end of the stick for weapons for sure.
i suspect in this case its a case of the weapon damage stats only applying to its ranged fire or something like that, could just be bad balance i guess