Why does the Ogryn Grenate Gauntlet have a melee damage modifier?!

Serious question, exclamation mark is added for effect, because it’s frustrating to try and get a good roll without that crap.

The heavy hit is mostly useless, because like the chainsword, it locks you into an animation that leaves you vulnerable for too long.

They should jsut swap that out completely and add something like reload speed or something.


It’s a dump stat. If its a low modifer it doesn’t matter as much. I think it’s fine, and I believe it does effect the special punch explosion which is a useful ability.

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I love the Ogryn grenade gauntlet and I actually wish it was even better in melee.

My advice would be don’t get too invested in the arse RNG system they’ve got right now. Some sort of “muh balance pass” might come along and undo the work you’ve put into the weapon.

I personally refuse to engage with the system untill red weapons are implemented and locks removed.

Grenade Gauntlet is such a hard weapon to roll its nice to have a dump stat. Every weapon needs one until they raise the modifier ceiling, at best you can get 4 80s and a 60. Even with a dump stat GG needs 80/80 blast damage and penetration rolls to one hit a shotgunner to the body without a perk.