Grenadier Gauntlets melee nerfed to the ground, but Power Sword remains uberpowered?

Seriously I don’t get it.

You took a great ranged/melee hybrid for Ogryn and nerfed it to the ground, so it does literally zero damage to hordes, but power sword is allowed to just literally melt everything in sight with no risk to it? On a RANGER character?! But my MELEE FRONTLINER can’t kill stuff by punching because ???

It seriously does the same damage as slapping on hordes. Slapping! What?!

Gauntlets were perfect where they were at, the people who reported the attacks counting as heavy swings LITERALLY WERE ASKING FOR IT TO STAY THE SAME and you went “Nah, we’re gonna trash these gauntlets, so much for your punching build.”

Edit: For those saying “It’s a ranged weapon, it shouldn’t do melee damage”, here’s my response:

Every other ranged weapon hits count as heavies for Ogryn. Rumbler/Kickback sweeps, Ripper stabs, Twin gun slashes, they all do far more damage and trigger heavy talents.

But the only ‘true’ melee weapon (They’re literally called Gauntlets!) is the only one that doesn’t have melee weapon damage.

It does meager damage to a single target, then zero damage to anything after that. The heavy sweep actually doesn’t count as a heavy attack anymore so you can’t even get toughness/bleed from that either.

“It’s supposed to keep enemies at bay while you reload!”

Or, you could, y’know, swap to your melee weapon. There’s literally no swapping time, so there’s absolutely no reason to just use it for the stagger. So that argument is just bad.

I want build diversity. I want my actual metal fist weapons to do the damage they’re supposed to do. I want to keep cosplaying as Mike Tyson and knocking out scabs with just as much effectiveness as the club, just with more focus on dodging and less so on blocking.


What’s with the surprise? They have demonstrated time and time again during beta their key design philosophy around balancing - if it works and it’s fun, it will be nerfed to the ground so you won’t blaze through missions as fast and muh hardcore 0,001% players won’t whine as much about game being too easy on heresy+ or whatever.


which is why powersword should get nerfed as well.

Unless you’re being ironic, that’s a wrong conclusion imo.
Every other option should be made viable instead.


Everything except the powersword needs a buff. Powersword is perfect. Chainsword and force sword should be almost the same, and so on down the line for everything.

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nah I think many of the melee weapons are very fair and balanced…it’s just that Powersword is just TOO MUCH of a be-all-end-all type of weapon.

And sure, buffing other melees and weapons to a better state to match powersword does solve that whole “be-all-end-all” issue with the powersword…but I think generally, the power level of the game is in a decent spot, not too strong and too weak, doesn’t make the game (Heresy+) too hard or too easy

If they buff everything to make them just as good as Power Sword, I fear it might make the game too easy.

I mean, the thing can deal with literally everything, hordes, elites, specials, etc…and has very good mobility and all that stuff. It doesnt seem to have any downside whatsoever.

I mean, if we simply go the route of buffing everything to match with OP and broken stuff, then eventually it’ll just be us, not having to do anything and pressing 1 button in order to win a game, bit of exaggeration but yes.


How are the melee weapons in a good spot?

If you take away the Power Sword the only good weapons left are knives and axes. All the 40k melee option lose compared to the mobility, speed, and damage of the most boring weapons.

The melee balance is horrid.


I agree. The chain weapons are mostly bad. I’ve seen some who like the chain sword where it’s at, and I can’t see where they are coming from. The two hander is pretty good once you get the rythem down, but the single is lousy. I can go into a lot of detail on what I think a chainsword ought to be, and have, but overall, it’s just not there.

The plain knife/swords are pretty fair by V2 standards, and the plain axes are pretty good for single target, but there’s just nothing that screaming ‘wonderweapon of the imperium’ in the whole catalogue except the PS, and the PS needs you to turn it on over and over.

The chain weapons are certainly much worse about that… but even so we’re suppose to have ultimate weapons for facing ultimate bad guys. It’s 38 thousand years in the future after all…

Besides the points that were made by other users above on the matter, I’d like to mention that class-exclusive weapons are more than okay to excel at something compared to regular stuff, to define playstyle and overall class fantasy.
I didn’t feel the need to point it out in my previous comment, but I also don’t think the powersword isn’t overly strong at the moment. And yet, nerfing it to the level that the rest of the weapons are at currently is not an ideal solution.
Surely, it could use some tweaking, but if it’s overdone which would probably be the case - we’d end up with yet another thing that’s nor effective, nor any fun and satisfying to use.

It was a bug. I reported it. It’s a ranged weapon. The melee isn’t meant to replace your actually melee weapon. It’s meant get enemies off of you while making shots or reloading. You people that wanted it to activate all the heavy feats with a simple light swing are nuts.

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“It’s a ranged weapon. The melee isn’t meant to replace your actually melee weapon.”

If I want to use metal gauntlets as a weapon with the tradeoff of not having blocking, pushing, AND worse dodges, then I should at least have damage to do so.

Besides, every other ranged weapon for Ogryn has more melee damage. Kickback/rumbler have sweeps that count as heavies and deal more damage than the gauntlets do with their heavy attacks.

If ranged weapons aren’t supposed to replace melee options, then why do so many other ranged weapons all have melee attacks that are far more viable than the gauntlets, which are actual metal fists that you punch with your uber muscular arms that are almost as big as a person.

It makes no sense for them to do literally zero damage to hordes, given the nature of the weapon. Punching =!= slapping, but that’s what the damage values indicate.

You people that wanted it to activate all the heavy feats with a simple light swing are nuts.

It wasn’t even that strong to begin with. It’s risky to use them as a melee weapon, so it should be as powerful as any other melee option available. It’s called balance, and is supposed to promote build diversity.

Besides, even then it still did no damage to hordes, but it was fine because the tradeoff was you could consistently bleed enemies (Which is still slower than just using your club or whatever)

I will admit, you could farm more toughness with them than other options, but that’s something you can do with every ranged weapon on Ogryn. Now, because it was reported, they overnerfed and now you literally can’t get toughness or bleed from heavy sweeps with gauntlets.

I don’t care what you say.

I want to punch things.

At it’s core, that’s what Ogryn is all about. Punching, slapping, just using brute force to mash your enemies into the ground. That’s why he’s a super jacked up dumb dude in the first place.


Agree. The gauntlet was really a pretty good weapon to pair with a shield, because it gave you a heavy defense and a lighter more agile melee weapon for other things. Sorry to hear it’s been so badly treated.

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Also it makes too much sense to lean into hybrid combat in 40k. The gauntlet is a perfect weapon to do this with.

I’m so surprised there is no pistol/sword combo weapons in this game. With had pistol/sword in Vermintide but not Darktide. Why? It’s perfect for 40k.

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Sword and pistol might be coming down the line. DLC or the like.

Because literally everyone in w40k is mad ambidextrous due to the Emperor’s light.

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If it’s a “ranged weapon” why is PRIMARY use (LM1) is melee, why is special is also melee ?
You just get that weapon wrong, the gauntlet is a melee weapon that can fire stuff from time to time.
that even why you can equip those with shield in the tabletop …
But nah there something fun so better nerf it I guess