Grenade time explosion

I’m trying to get the achievement where it’s about killing 3 people with a grenade without bouncing the grenade. This success is feeling impossible. I can’t cook grenades and even if I throw the grenade up. So straight up the grenade flies somewhere far away in the air. I don’t see how I’m supposed to do it with the soldier.

I got this, It’s called ‘long bomb’ if people are searching. The trick is to find a long distance spot like a bridge, and hurl the grenades far enough they airburst.

Now, seems like it ought to work with ‘underhand’ since they don’t bounce there either. They just land and tick and explode. But no, it has to be an airburst.

Now, usually that means you have to throw it far enough you can’t see the enemy. You just have to hope some are there. Get the ‘regen grenade’ perk, and every time you get to a bridge, (ideally on low difficulty so they die easier) throw all four grenades beyond visible distance so they airburst just over places you know enemies are likely to spawn.

Very hard to get, but keep at it and you’ll get lucky.

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