Make 'Long Bomb' Easier

Hey, love the beta. Game’s really fun. But holy crap, I’ve tried for hours to try and nail Long Bomb’s achievement without any success. Without bot games, and especially without a way to actually pick which mission you want to play (considering there’s only about two maps you can try and get kills on) makes this infuriating to try and grind. And that’s without even considering your teammates killing the enemies before you can use your slow grenade on.

Also, I love the AI. Don’t listen to the people who want to dumb it down, having enemies respond realistically (close to realistically anyways) is so cool to see.

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I finally got this one. Took me a couple of days of unloading four grenades at a time every time there was a long distance, usually at targets I only hoped were there, but finally I did get it.