Greentide, 40k, Fantasy or AoS?

A few days ago @Ghoth1ckov1tch said that he would honestly like a Greenskin themed tide game with maybe the new Kruleboyz of AoS

But what universe give the best GS tide possibility (As in which would you prefer):

  • 40k
  • Fantasy
  • AoS
  • Other (Either Boxed Game or another Ip)

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Units Selection:

  • Orks main (with Goblins)
  • Goblins main (with Orks)
  • Orks and Allies (If they have any)

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Greenskin in 40k

Orks in 40k are separated in 3/4 kind:

  • Orks: The biggest Greenskin and their de facto Leaders, similar to the Orks in Fantasy and the Orruk of AoS

  • Gretching: The “Goblins”, they are sneaky where the Orks are loud, subservient to the Orks but some are trying to obtain freedom ( Da Kommitte)

  • Snotling: Weakest of the Orkoid, they are the civies, serving as farmer for the Fungies patches and Squigs handler

  • Squigs: Depending on which edition you regard they are sometime referred as a different species but most of the time they are the same, used as Warbeast, ammo, tools and other weird uses

Entities (Non-exhaustive List)
  • Warboss: Biggest and best armed of the Waaagh, serve more as a tyrant than a charismatic leader
  • Mekboyz: Artificer of the Orks, wearing great armours, great weapons but usually lack a bit in size
  • Weirdboys: Psyker of the Orks
Normal Units
  • Gretching: Small, weak, not entirely different to Skaven slaves
  • Boyz: Those are the standard Orks, like the Clan Rats
  • Ard Boyz: Armoured/Shielded Orks/Boyz
  • Stormboyz: Jetpack wearing Boyz
  • Attack Squigs: Charging Squigs (Bestigor analogue)
Elite and Specials
  • Nobz: Better version of Boyz
  • Mega Nobz: Heavy Armour Nobz
  • Flash Gitz: Elite of the Ranged
  • Burna Boyz: Flamer wielding Boyz

Greenskin in Fantasy
  • Orks: Standard Orks

  • Black Orks: Biggest Orks, were a Chaos Dwarf experiment, they are bigger, faster, meaner and smarter (really a scary prospect), even the Chaos Dwarf deemed them to be to dangerous to have as Slave

  • Savage Orks: Orks that don’t use armours, they often have painted wards on their bodies

  • Goblins/Plain Goblins: Normal Goblins, are part of the Orks Waaagh and tribes

  • Hill Goblins: The Black Orks to the goblins, smarter, bigger and also more aggressive

  • Night Goblin: Cave dwelling Goblins, the most cruel and saddistic of their kinds, often don’t live with the Orks

  • Forest/Spider Goblin: Forest dwelling Goblins, have a symbiotic relation ship with giants spiders

  • Hobgoblins: Evolved Goblins that lives in the Not-Mongolia, they are the size of mens and aren’t trusted by the other Greenskin due to their relation with the Chaos Dwarf and the Big Backstabbing, they are a bit bigger due to them not having any Orks to oppress them

  • Snotling: Smallest of the GS, used as slaves and farmers, very dimwitted but playful

  • Gnobblar: Goblins that are part of the Ogre Kingdom (There exist a few variation but they aren’t that interesting

  • (Black) Orks Warboss: Biggest and best armed of the Waaagh, serve more as a tyrant than a charismatic leader
  • Goblin Warboss: Sometime a Goblin manadge to trick some orks into following his orders (Well till an ambitious orks decide to take his place)
  • Ork (Great) Shaman: Wizard of the Greenskins, often lead the Savages Orks
  • Goblin (Great) Shaman: Wizard of the Goblins tribes (Often for the Night Goblins and the Forest Goblins)
Normal Units
  • Orc Boyz - These hard-fighting warriors form the backbone of all Greenskin armies, and often does the bulk of the fighting upon the battlefield. Orc Boyz are generally just simple Orcs who have taken up arms to fight the enemy of his tribe with nothing but ramshackle armour and crude weaponry.

  • Arrer Boyz - Though most Orcs prefer the use of close-combat weapons, some Orcs and Savage Orcs have been known to bring bows into combat. Though they are notoriously inaccurate in their shots, the ferocity of their volleys prove adequate enough that they are conceived as a threat.

  • Big 'Uns - When an Orc grows to become considerably large, wealthy, and high in status, they often become what the Greenskins called the Big 'Uns. These monstrous Orcs form the elite of the Greenskin armies, and are equipped with some of the finest weapons and armour within a tribe and fight in their own dedicated warband of heavy infantry.

  • Savage Orc - Like all their kin, primitive tribes of Savage Orcs have been known to congregate alongside their peers and join in the carnage and plunder that is often rewarded upon joining a Waaagh! into battle. Equipped with nothing but tribal tattoos and crude weapons made of stone, bone or wood, these Orcs are nonetheless ferocious, if not unpredictable fighters.

  • Black Orc - These Orcs are amongst the biggest, meanest and most heavily-armoured of all Orcish warriors. Equipped with impossibly large and thick plates of black armour, and armed with weapons that can cleave a Knight in two, these warriors form the crack elite infantry of many Greenskin armies.

  • Goblins - These scrawny cowards forms the overall bulk of many Greenskin armies but often do the least amount of fighting. Weak and cowardice by nature, these mediocre warriors bring with them primitive hunting spears, broken swords, crude bows, and wooden shields into combat. What they lack in quality, they make up for with quantity.

  • Night Goblin - Living within the fungus infested tunnels of the Old World, the Night Goblins are renown for their consumption of madness-inducing fungus that gives them both the courage to fight against foes that the average Goblin would be too afraid of facing. Equipped with a variety of weapons such as nets, crude spears, and composite bows, these Night Goblins are ferocious tunnel-fighters.

  • Snotlings - These small and dull-witted creatures are amongst the most mediocre of the Goblin race. Equipped with pathetic weapons such as tree branches, mushrooms or bits of bone, a horde of these little monsters are nothing more than a nuisance or a distraction to even the weakest enemies they face.

  • Night Goblin Fanatic - A Fanatic is a Night Goblin that wields an iron-ball so heavy it should be impossible for such a scrawny creature to lift. However, once a Night Goblin has consumed large quantities of the deadly Mad Cap Mushroom, a Night Goblin would begin the urge to spin madly, and once equipped with an iron-ball, these Night Goblins become excellent shock troops that can plough through the enemy lines.

  • Nasty Skulkers - Even the most heinous green-skinned scumbags look upon these Goblins’ swift skullduggery with reverent horror. These goblins are masters of assassination they skulk in the dark corners of the battlefield and wait for an opportunity to stab their enemies.

Additional Units (Weird)
  • Night Goblin Squig Hopper - These riders are simply just crazed Night Goblins who thought it interesting to leap upon the back of his Squig and ride it like a mount. Although the majority of Night Goblins that try these stunts end up being eaten, the ability for the Night Goblin Rider to direct these Squigs unto the enemy have proven so effective that the Night Goblin tribes have begun to field them against their enemies as their own form of light cavalry.

  • Forest Goblin Spider Rider - Forest Goblins are notorious for their worship of the Spiders of the forest, and it is this connection with them that has allowed the Goblins to ride them into battle. With the ability to crawl up steep slopes and spew their enemies with sticky webs, these war mounts are horrifying to all those that face them in a siege.

  • Big Stabba

  • Trolls - Trolls are huge humanoid monsters, as witlessly stupid as they are bone-crushingly powerful. They commonly join marauding Greenskin armies in the hopes of finding a meal to feed their ravenous appetite. On the field of battle, these Trolls are extremely tough to kill, and have been known to break apart enemy formations like a living battering ram. (Rock, Swamp/River Trolls)

  • Great Cave Squig - A larger variant of the Cave Squig, these monstrous creatures are often used by the Night Goblin tribes as mounts or warbeast. Due to its ravenous appetite, when a Great Cave Squig grows too hungry, he would eat almost anything he sees, most preferable the enemies of the Night Goblins.

  • Mangler Squig - A Mangler Squig is essentially two Giant Squigs changed together and probed towards the enemy lines. Pushed into a berserk fury by his caretakers, these two Squigs would begin to swirl themselves into a tumbling motion that can produce an impact of such spectacular proportions, that it can shatter enemy formations in a whirlwind of carnage.

  • Land Wyvern - When the Orcs moved into the tunnels, they brought with them a rare breed of Wyvern — one slightly smaller and meaner than others of its kind but without wings. These are generally solitary creatures unless they’ve been tamed by the Orcs, and appear quite similar to normal Wyverns, complete with a poisonous tail. Land Wyverns are famously stupid and one will fling itself into combat without concern for numbers or the threat to its own life

Greenskin in AoS
  • Orruks: Gork chosens orks (Cunningly Brutal)
    – Bone Splitters: Savage Orks
    – Greenskinz: Normal orks
    – Ironjawz: Armoured/Black orks (I think ?)
  • Kruleboyz: Mork chosen orks (Brutally Cunning), may be Hobgoblins, not much is currently known
  • Gloomspite Gitz: Goblins clans:
    – Moonclan: Night Goblins
    – Spiderfang: Forest Goblins (Also has Spider/Goblin hybrid: Scuttling)
    – Troggherds: Troll units that used to be part of the GS horde
    – Gitmob: Grots that fight for the Orruks ?
  • Ogor Mawtribes: Ogre from Fantasy
  • Fimirach: Fimir from Fantasy

I will admit I don’t know enough about AoS’s Greenskin so I may need to correct some errors, and it’s Wiki isn’t really furnished yet


Warhammer Fantasy Wiki
Warhammer 40k
Warhammer 40k Illustration
AoS Illustration


In fact, there is never an “OR” question for me.
The whole Warhammer’s parts is ABSOLUTELY EQUAL, one cannot say that something is better, something is worse - it is necessary to study and explore EVERYTHING. Because, in the end, they are all parts of one whole.

It’s all Warhammer!

In other words, I am always happy about any good Warhammer game, regardless of the setting.

But right now, my greatest sympathy to Age of Sigmar.
The fact is that over the past six years, fans of Age of Sigmar have shown themselves to be real die hards. No one has endured more threats, hatred, racism and toxity than Age of Sigmar fans. They are really heroes for me who love their hobby.

I think a good game based on Warhammer Age of Sigmar should be made for them. If the game is quality it will be successful and everyone will love it.

Kruleboyz - is a new ork race living in the swamps of Ghur, Realm of the Beast. They are very cunning followers of Mork, and in the person of Kragnos they found their savior and protector. They are very cruel and sinister also. They are allied with the hobgoblins who have “dark masters” (a hint of the coming Chaos Dwarfs in Age of Sigmar.)


Don’t know if this counts, but LotR “Greentide” would be a nice change of pace from Vermintide.

That’s why I put the other Ip in the choices, I ultimately decided against describing them as many settings nowaday have Orks and their ilk. Maybe people can speak and describe in short what said setting could bring

Look, for a new game it is not at all necessary to transfer all models from Warhammer, isn it?
In addition, it is not necessary to transfer miniatures from the tabletop to exactly the same. For better gameplay, they can make some changes, the main thing is that the enemies should be easily recognable.

Here are my ideas for a theoretical ‘Greentide 1’ game in Age of Sigmar.
(I propose to suggest adding enemies gradually, they can start with a literal analogue of V1 focused on Kruleboyz only):

  • Grots [skaven slaves]. For Kruleboys have shown only few grots so far, and not as separate units, but I’m sure it’s a matter of time.

  • Hobgrot Slittaz [clan rats]. There may be grenade throwers among them!

  • Gutrippaz [stormwermins with shields] are mostly in Patrols.

  • Swampcalla Shaman - a hybrid of Globadier and Blightstormer. Transforms the area into a toxic swamp that slows movement.

  • Hobgrot Enslaver [packmaster] - so far without a model, but it was said that it was the hobgrots who catch slaves for trade to their “dark masters”.

  • Hobgrot Sneaky Git/ Stab-grot - [Assassin] with smoke bombs.

  • Man-skewer Boltboyz with 'repeater crossbow" - [rattling].

  • Murknob with Belcha-banna - [Wargor Banner Bearer] - WAAAGH! Banner.

  • Mirebrute Troggoth - a hybrid of a minotaur (two clubs) and Bile Troll.

  • Killaboss on Great Gnashtoof, Swampcalla Great Shaman, Breaka-boss on Mirebrute Troggoth and Killaboss on foot - named Bosses of the game.

Later or in the second part, thay can totally free to add other races of Destruction: more greenskins, Gargants, Ogors or Fimirs. All this alerady in one Grand Allinace.

UPDATE: What can be added to ‘Greentide 2’, examples:

  • Greenskin Orruk Boys [Marauder] classic fantasy ork. In Age of Sigmar, all the old fantasy races survived, but under new names and mostly out of sight now. It would be nice to add a simple ork to the game.

  • Bonesplitter Morboys - elite Berserk.

  • Gitmob Grots - [ungors with spears or bows]

  • Moonclan Grots - [fanatics] FANATICS!

  • Ironjaws Brutes [Chaos Warriors].

  • etc.

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Fantasy without a doubt. I want to hear Okri talk about his cousin Bardin.

I’d rather play as orks tbh

Against whom ? Deamon of Khorne would make sense in 40k (Tuska Deamonkilla)

Fantasy without a doubt.

I think, it would be correct to replace word “fantasy” by Old World in the topic. Because it is misleading: Age of Sigmar is not only a continuation of the old fb by nature, but “fantasy” in terms of the genre. 40k is more commonly defined as “fantasy-in-space” rather than “science fiction” too.

And most importantly, due to the upcoming release of Warhammer Old World, other definitions will simply be obsolete.

P.S. It may very well be that “Cousin Okri” is Grungni. In Age of Sigmar, he travels everywhere incognito under different nicknames, for example, the last time it was “Gromti”, which means “ancestor”