Green dust, please do something about it, or rather the LACK of it

Im getting a green item about once every 3-5 chests on my lvl 28. If I want more greens, either I have to open chests on a low level character and have to halt progress on my high level, have to craft items and waste materials on a low level character, or i intentionally have to do recruit runs and not pick up all tomes and grims.

Either way, this is a very bad design. Not to speak of the people that actually play ALL characters, believe it or not, thats what i intend to do, so sooner or later, there wont be any low level characters left to open chests on or craft items. Which means, these options get flushed down. So in order to get enough greens to be able to reroll all items on all my characters, i have to grind an ungodly amount of RECRUIT missions, and even that doesnt guarantee a green.

I have gotten more blues than greens, and even oranges out of merchant’s recruit boxes.

Easy fix: Allow us to convert blue dust to green dust, 1:1 or 2:1.

Personally desired fix: Bring back bounty board. Heroic deeds is a whole different mechanic and does not replace bounty board by any means.

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