Great work on the performance and optimization fixes, Fatshark!

I used to pretty much always crash to desktop after the end of mission rewards screen. As of today’s patch these crashes have ceased to exist for me. I am also getting the best and smoothest game play I have experienced since launch. No stuttering or random frame loss and no memory leak/issues. Thank you!

It is possible to run smooth and have decent graphics settings with a GTX 1660 and i5-9400F CPU @ 2.90GHz!


The game still crashes for me sometimes, so that’s not fixed. My frame rate went up a bit, so that’s good.

True. Well, forward progress at least. Hopefully your crashes get completely resolved soon too.

Lucky, I keep getting 5-10s hitches now and then other team members running around in t-poses, while I can’t attack, eventually sorts itself, but happens multiple times per mission

Funnily enough my performance has been getting consistently worse, in fact today’s patch has really messed up my performance. I used to be able to play on high with very little frame drops below 60, and now today I can’t even play medium without it constantly falling to 50 to even 40.


For me since the last update on Xbox game pass, the game don’t run good and smooth like it was at his launch :frowning: I have a 5600X / RX 6600 XT, the game with FSR 2.0 quality / option at high was very pleasent ! Now I need to put it in medium, FSR 2.0 Balanced … but it’s like is not be smooth, it feel like there are some imput lag etc … is really worse now.

All my settings are the same but I lost about 20fps.

Is that the cost of stability? Jesus christ.

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same lost frames since the most recent patch =/

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Crashing almost every damn game now due to what I think is GPU hangs. Man this is getting old…