Great Job!

Great Job on this update Fatshark! I am loving this new mutator and have not had this much fun since fow dropped. Hopefully we will see way more of this mutator in the future as well as new ones.

Great job on this one!

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I have no Mods installed and I seem to crash a lot

I uninstalled and unsubscribed from all mods and crash in the bridge of shadows every game.

Did not get any new weeklies. Haven’t had weeklies since getting all bogen items. Can’t see weeklies and can’t see any mutators. Where are they

Think I just replied to you on another thread but you don’t get weeklies anymore if you have managed to obtain all bogen cosmetics. If you have not completed the challenge related okris challenges, then those are the only remaining cosmetics you can get from bogen.

the new weekly with the mutation can be found by pressing M or by going to that Mapthingy location were you ususally would open Quickplays/Customgames from(same as what you can do by pressing M)

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