Great Game, but could be awesome?

The game Vermintide 2 is one of the better games ive ever played, but I feel that with just some minor adjustments and added mechanics, it could be the best.

What I mean are things like,

Full stat overview: Where you can see all your total stats, like Health, damage, crit % etc

More weapon models, these tree handle sticks and bows arent very pleasing to look at, and not just the weapon models, but also the armor models, the characters you play as are… well, you dont want to look at them twice if I can put it like that. I think I speak for alot of the playerbase when I say we want more customisation of our characters.

To help with the customisation and also the building of your class, I would LOVE to see them add more gear pieces, such as Chest, legs, hands etc. It would definetly be alot more fun and proving to build your character the way you want and grinding for loot, all while its more pleasing to the eye. I mean witch and pirate hats, comeon. I know the game is story based and you play as the characters, who all have a relationship to eachother etc, but the ability to create, build and roleplay your own character would make this kind of game so much better!

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You might very well be the only person to think that customization is needed in this game…

I think these are awesome ideas. I love customizing as well and it would be cool to put together a somewhat unique outfit instead only 1 or 2 options.

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The cosmetic system is already in place… as a Games Workshop game it’s only a matter of time until they monetize it.

Personally though, I feel the plethora of serious bugs and lack of endgame variety is what keeps this from being a great game.

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