Grail Knight Weapon Naming and How to obtain his "Bögenhafen" Skins?

Just saw this little spelling mistake with "The Sword of Shield of Altruin, pretty sure there should be and “and” :sweat_smile: .

Btw. is there a reason why we need to spend extra Shillings just to get weapon skins we already bought with real money when buying the Cosmetic Upgrade? :thinking: Or are those obtainable for everyone who owns the Grail Knight atleast?

Secondly I found the Pegasus Bulwark and Banishing Blade in the Weapon Compendium and wanted to ask how we can get those, it seems like they are not obtainable with the Emporium like the other Bögenhafen Skins nowadays.

Another question I have, since I’m not sure if it’s intended or not:
Why are the Grail Knights “weave-forged” weapons exclusively named different from all others?
Every other weapon is named “Weave-forged weapon name” but the Bretonnian Longsword is called Orc Cleaver and the Sword and Shield Righteous Arms?

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It’s a complete oversight on our part - we won’t be repeating the same mistake.

Not sure myself, I’ve asked internally - will report back.


I’ve been informed that these are unlocked by completing the Okri’s Challenges below:

Bastion of Valour
Tis But a Scratch!

This is apparently not intentional. :sweat_smile:

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Hey Julia so I just checked those Okri Challenges like you said for the Purple Bogenhafen Bretonnian Illusions (Banishing Blade/Pegasus Bulwark). Those Challenges only give you the Blue Bretonnian Illusions (Karaz Gift/Sable Shield of Parandot). The Emporium as well doesn’t give you the option to buy those Illusions as well even if you wanted to.

Here’s a youtube video for evidence.


Aaaaaaah… okay I’ve chased this up with our Game Director!


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