Wheres that Sweet Holy 2Handed Sword Illusion for GK we have when using Ult?

Sry, Fatshark

with now nearly 1K Playtime i still cant fathom some things you decide…
I really love your Game its bloody Dope.

Have all the DLC and one Premium Hat for Bardin IB, which is so nice lookin. Just bought Morrs Mask (bloody Finally you gave us this sexy thing), was waiting since release…^^

You Tease me with probably the Best looking Sword in the Game, yes im looking at you 2 Handed Sword. You are a cutie, a cutie… lol
no really, i mean the skin of that “Holy” 2H Sword GK has in his Hands in the Main Menu. The one you use on ULT and can barely see!


GIMME THAT ILLUSION FATSHARK ASAP (with Purple maybe, yes?!)


It’s the Blessed Blade. The sword he summons when he uses his ult.

Is that a specific thing from the lore, by the way? Some sort of pseudo-Excalibur thing those graily knights have?

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Afaik, no. There’s only the grail of the Lady. Some questing knights will get send to search for a specific weapon ‘blessed’ by the Lady, will be given a relic from an hermit knight or will find an abondoned (meaning the hermit knight guarding it died) chapel where they will find one (to fight some monster or else), a step in their quest for the grail. There are some named weapons, but no straight-up Excalibur copy-paste lore. I mean, they got enough of that already, wouldn’t be surprising. But i read up on all lore there is for Bretonnia (there is not really that much) during the last months, no mention of it.


Aye, the bleesed Blade as an Illusion!