Grail Knight by comparison is a weak hero

Why buy a career for it’s usefullness. Why not buy because he has a cool theme and is well designed. Buying a career for talents or things that can change is not the best idea.


ya thats the thing. gk doesnt look cool to me. he looks like a court fool/clown with that outfit lmao. also the lady is a elf so … /spit


edit: why is that happy face so massive O_o!?

Its not irrelevant information because you are talking about Cata, its irrelevant information because Grail Knight being “decent” isn’t the issue, its that 80% of the other careers are just objectively better.

BTW, 90% of the feedback here is about Legend or Cata, its generally safe to assume that most people here play on those difficulties regularly.

The str pot is prolly his best talent overall, its great how useful they can be, and the kill counter is adjusted for weaves so its useful there as well.

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This is semi-related to the thread but I wanted to say what could make GK better. At the moment I feel like he is very vulnerable to certain things and here are some changes I believe will help.

Bretonnian sword and shield:
This is a good weapon. It has good crowd control, good elite damage and high dodge count for a shield. However, since its only on GK I think it should be buffed to have more utility.

  • The sword and shield should be able to walk forward against ratling guns, and not get pushed back when the rat is firing.

  • Stormfiends fire should be block-able with the sword and shield, as GK is a boss killer. His biggest threat is the stormfiend when it comes to bosses as the main way you kill them is with ranged weapons.

  • Maybe a 5-10% increase in attack speed would be nice. I sometimes find myself trying to crowd control and get hit by a random skaven slave. Not that big of an issue though.

Grail Knight himself:

  • As a perk/ talent, I think he should have higher crit chance, like a lot of Kruber’s other careers have. GK seems to very reliant on his Virtue of Knightly Templar to secure kills against elites and bosses, so an increase in crit chance would help.

  • His duties need to be way less RNG based. His strength potion one is the best because of this on Cata, where grims are rarely taken. I suggest that we make the other two based on offensive and defence. One with increased power and attack speed. The other one with DMG reduction and maybe block cost reduction/increase stamina or dodge count, perhaps the three combined? I don’t think the health regen should be mixed in with any of these. Maybe its own thing as the third, but I suggest keeping the strength potion as the third would be better.

  • Add the riposte mechanic to his ult. Getting hit during your ult is an annoying issue and I think this would be a better option than being invincible like during FK’s.


Read through the entire thing. 3 topics that came up: Boss killing power compared to Bh, Shade etc., the main question; is he weak by comparison, and comparison to Merc.

Careers trivialising bosses/Lords are nothing new and but I’ll just copy my thoughts from this thread: Grail Knight trivializes all monsters and lords

My experience: I have taken GK to weaves; grey ones specifically, Cata+, hypertwitch and cata FoW

Is GK weak by comparison? Yes, without question. Grail Knight has actual glaring weaknesses, areas of combat(ranged not included) in which he does not excel in and he cannot be built in a way that makes him able to deal with everything. Good. You may actually have to back off from an engagement rather than going in without a single care. Forcing you to work together with a teammate that can cover for your WEAKNESS in a CO-OP game. What a time to be alive.

This is most apparent in FoW and hypertwitch where you have a lot of everything coming at you and you need to be able to kill them. Depending on your weapon/property/talent choices you will struggle against at least 1 type of enemy.

Is GK weak? The higher the difficulty the more useful he becomes. Proxying a strength pot at every 200th kill shouldn’t even need an explanation. With Kruber’s melee arsenal he can: stagger(Virtue of Ideal gives 10% power on kill so even for a shield build, taking Enhanced Power is redundant) rather well, and regardless of what melee combo you take, you will be able to kill almost anything at melee range. Take weapons which have weakness that are covered by your teammates weapons/ult. E.g. UC w/ Flail will stagger everything in sight so you can go full damage with M&S, Xsword. and Audacity. You lack armor damage? Bring the 2h hammer and so on.

Compared to Merc? GK is better at dealing damage because of Knight’s Challenge and Virtue of the Ideal, whilst Merc has better cleave because of his talents giving power(Power =/= Damage) and his passive, Hitting the Sweet Spot, and Merc’s ult brings more to the team in the form of thp and DR. At 1 stack of Virtue, GK does slightly less damage and at 3 stacks,20% crit power and 10% chaos you can 1 crit headshot a CW on cata(On legend you can 1 shot headshot CW with 20% chaos at 3 stacks) with the Xsword.

As a career Merc is better(a topic for a different thread) but GK does more damage.


Thats a good reply Slash.

GK is replacing every aspect of Slayer. Have you even played GK and Slayer for at least 200 lv?

wot. that’s not the case at all


Bretonnian sword is not his highest armour damage imo, Exe sword and two handed hammer outperform it super hard.

I cannot stress enough how much I hate the 2h hammer, and I find Exe sword lacking in comparison to Bretsword in terms of attack speed and I like the parry on charged attacks.

You hate it that much, that doesn’t mean it’s not incredibly strong in killing elites.

Maybe it does, but it sucks so much in all other regards that it makes it completely worthless.

No it doesn’t lmao, it has incredibly strong hordeclear as long as you aim for the heads, with incredibly strong elite damage too back it up, it only lacks in defence, which means you need good positioning. It’s one of the strongest weapons in the entire game on GK and Merc.

The hordeclear cannot be as good as any other one of Kruber’s weapons. The only horde clearing 2h hammer has is headshotting with slow, heavy attacks ; which by my definition is everything but “incredibly strong”, specially when compared to, again, any other weapon.

Here’s a video off me using Executioner and Bretonnian shield on Grail Knight, as you can see, it’s quite effective with the right positioning.

As much as i hate showing the scoreboard too show how effective a weapon is, it is a decent way off showing the hordeclear capacity off a weapon.

I think he was talking about the 2H-hammer

Just to show the argument chain. The video may be nice (havent watched it) but it uses the wrong weapon. I think the confusion started here:


My bad, i should have paid more attention, L.

I think that overall he’s pretty good, i play him with mace&sword+exec sword with 60%stam regen+60%blockcost reduction. The only thing that feel underwhelming, imo, are his ults. The boss killing one seem fine but the other two option are meh.

The mouvment speed one can be useful but it’s just an “extra” witch means you can do just as fine without it. The horizontal slash has some good stagger but damage wise it’s pretty pathetic, it cant kill more than 3 marauders and is on a such big cooldown. Only the killing boss ult seem to be pretty adjusted for a 40 secondes cooldown.

The horizontal Slice is a very good option, because it allows you to get rid off elites/ specials inside a horde, It makes up for his weakness. It’s a tradeoff between boss damage and a safety net.

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