Glaive is the only thing worth using on Shade, thanks for that

I was really getting tired trying to figure out which melee I wanted to use on Shade, it used to keep me up at night and I couldn’t function well during the day without sleep, but now thankfully you made all the dual wield weapons useless on her, so you’ve saved me from sleep deprivation. Thank you Fatshark, thank you!


Elf assassins are axe-wielders, apperantly.


I really hope the approach to this isn’t just nerfing the glaive more. Right now with the rest of her melee arsenal, you’re literally better off just blocking an Stormvermin attack and shooting it in the head with a Longbow than actually reengaging with your melee weapon. As for Chaos Warriors, well it’s literally the only weapon in her entire arsenal (both ranged and melee) equipped to deal with them properly (unless I’m missing something from the dual daggers buff).

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I am a bit confused, didn’t they just double the armor damage of the dual wielding weapons (except apparently sword and dagger?) and nerf the glaives infamously powerful 2nd charged attack?

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Yes, but now DD hit the same as Glaives 2nd charged attack during Shade’s ult.

Nope. They said they did but the only thing that got buffed is 2nd heavy of sword&dagger. Everything else is still laughable vs armour, even dual daggers.
The fact that they gutted shades’ active with dual weapons just made me stop playing her altogether.

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