Give us SOMETHING on console..jeez

Winds of Magic is in all likelihood delayed until next year and the anniversary event for PS4 at least is not till December but can console get a LITTLE bit of a bone here? Gods!

Brush off one of the half dozen events you already have made and port that over. Skulls for the Skull Thone…that could be a bit of fun, earn a few portrait frames…something. hell I’ll take a double XP weekend at this point. We got the “Winter” event WAY out of the regular time frame on console. Maybe do that flowery spring event…something…literally anything.


First, Sorry for my english is not my 1 language. I have the same opinion as you, the console players we feel a bit abandoned in my opinion. I can understand the hard situation until arrive winds of magic to consoles but minimum events or something to be entertained please.

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I made a a similar thread a while back. It feels like console community don’t matter to FS and it has been like that for a looong time. It’s very frustrating and they’re killing the game, I used to think most veteran players would come back when WoM releases but now I doubt it.


We should have news for you fairly soon. We do appreciate the support for consoles falls behind and that feels super bad, but with the launch of WoM we learned a lot about where we want to take the content and as such rushing it out to console just for parities sake would be a misstep. We’d rather get the product into a better place before shipping to consoles.


Thank you for the update hedge. I know you guys work hard. It just seems like for every 3 or 4 events PC gets console gets maybe 1 if we are lucky. I’d just appreciate it if we got a tiny bit more event coverage. There already arent that many that often, it would be nice if console got events too. We paid the same price after all. Thank you for listening and I really appreciate all the work you guys do Hedge, Julia and the whole team.


You don’t have to give us WoM content, we’ve been asking for ANYTHING and you have a lot of content unrelated to WoM that you can give us. Events, drunken map, increased drop chances for deeds. We understand we’re not getting beastmen soon, we just want SOMETHING. I hate that I’ve become so whiney and that I have to post threads begging you for content. I’m angry because I love this game and we’re ALWAYS left behind as console players. It takes a lot for me to get of my ass and actually go cry on the internet like I’m doing. If you guys actually cared about us you’d given us something by now.