Give torch a weapon mechanics

Torch is acting like a weapon in any way but 20lvl talent. It would be really nice to have torch giving you the same effect as 20lvl temp health talents

While it is hilarious to beat your foes senseless with a stick that happens to be on fire, I also believe that the torch should be exactly what it is; capable of staggering an enemy but useless otherwise.

IMHO, adding Temp-HP generation to the torch won’t encourage you to juggle it while fighting; the process of tossing the torch and picking it up again is cumbersome but important to slowing the levels progress. I’d rather it remain where it is.


Correct me if I’m wrong, I wished it’d set things on fire like a weaker version of Sienna’s flame sword/mace, at least on a charged swing. If I’m wrong and it already sets things on fire, it wasn’t obvious to me I guess.

It does, but I think it only does so on charged attacks.

I know that on Blightreaper there’s 2 challenges, complete the map without lighting a single brazier and complete the map without picking up the torch. But it would just make so much more sense to me if I was required to light the braziers WITH the torch, or any other form of flame (sienna/bardin/fire bomb/red barrel)…

You might argue everyone has a flint and steel sparker… but that’d take a few minutes if you’d try to start a camp fire with just that in real life if all you had was a pile of wood.


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