Give control back FASTER

So, when a hookrat grabs you, and your team rescues you, there is like an animation where the camera goes back onto your character before you regain control. Going from third to first person again. During this time you can’t block, attack or w/e. During this time I’ve been attacked so many times while I can’t do anything about it. Animations are cool and all but damn at least allow me to block right when the hookrat dies.

I always saw this is the deadliness of getting hooked. V1 was very similar. I always imagined it was like… you’ve been strangled by a dirty skaven, and so this is the time it takes to regain control of yourself… Like if it were real life, you’d be coughing and gasping, and trying to re-orient yourself (I don’t know if you’ve ever been dragged around by the neck, but it’s very disorienting)

As soon as I hear that wheezing, jangling rat, I’m spinning 360 circles looking for him. The packmaster is one of the deadliest specials to face, and I love them just as they are. Because they can be one of the more avoidable specials, that are also the deadliest when you don’t.

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Well yeah but this is a game. If you’re gonna look at it like that… might aswell ask yourself if, when you get grabbed by the neck, you get an outer body experience where you see yourself getting dragged in third person :stuck_out_tongue:

I see how it’s fair in a realistic standpoint… but gamewise… meh… not so much.

Don’t get dragged then, you can easily dodge his hook.


Fair enough, the realism point is kind of silly. But it’s still the most easily avoided special, and the most deadly when you can’t. It’s also the squishiest, and easiest to shoot. I think assassins are just as squishy, but harder to shoot at… Gas rats are pretty far away when they’re being a nuisance, but they’re also not as deadly.

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