Dodging hookrats

If I’m not mistaken, in V1 there is a loading screen tip that says you can crouch to dodge a hookrat, and though I have tried in V2 I haven’t been able to pull that off.
Is it possible ?

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You can normally dodge it grab, its very timing sensitive and ping sensitive but doable, never heard about just crouching, dont think that work because they will still target you

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Sure it is a loading screen tip?

I think it is only a dialogue between Kruber and Bardin in Vermintide 1. It doesn’t work to my knowledge and is only meant as teasing between the heroes as Kruber complains that it is easy for Bardin to say as he is basically pre-ducked all the time.


Yeah, ping messes hard with your timing.

I’ll have to test out crouching. It doesn’t seem like it would work…

Can anyone confirm that it worked in VT1?

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There was a voice line about “ducking”, but I’m fairly certain it was still meant as “dodging”, only worded in a manner that made more sense for the characters. To my knowledge crouching only works when elevation is involved, if it just so happens that the packmaster extends the hook above you because of that. Otherwise, it always nabs you on even ground, in either game.


The tip was always misinformation.

Go after lootrat ignore your teammates!

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I can’t find it on this page… And I don’t remember it being a dialogue, so maybe in the book ? :thinking:
I’m confused now.

Okay, I failed in finding an actual video clip with the quote and I will not install Vermintide over this. However, I have “indirect” sources:

Evading the Packmaster : Vermintide (
Packmaster crouching : Vermintide (
Favorite skaven lines? Favorite hero lines? : Vermintide (

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Was lange währt, wird endlich gut:

I managed to find it by chance anyway while listening to glorious Vermintide 1 dialogues.

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