Getting the Wrong Loot From the Chests!


Thank you gor taking the time to read this.

The probem is that i keep getting IronBreaking Items from my loot chests when i Play another other Class, I’ve tried restarting the game, doing a quest as another class but i still keep getting loot for the IronBreaker… any Help?


It’s normal to get Ironbreaker weapons like Drakefire Pistols when you open a chest as Ranger or Slayer. The loot is generated for the character (in this case: Bardin), not the specific class. Is this the case with you? It would be very strange if you got Bardin’s gear when you open a chest as somebody else, though.

I’ve just done a Mission as the Bounty Hunter and it Dropped his loot this time!, before this post i’d do a mission as another person and still get Bardin Loot, Thank you for the reply tho! :smiley:

I’m happy your problem is solved, but that’s really strange though. Are you using the mod that lets you manage equipment of other characters without switching to them? Because that also lets you open chests on other characters without having switched to them. But you’re really sure you had anybody but Bardin active (portrait on the right) while you were opening chests and got Ironbreaker gear nevertheless?

Its not who you made this mission but as who you open chests


Yup. The boxes give gear for whatever HERO you open them on.

It’s working fine now and thank you for all the replies, it was strange and it sisn’t matter who i played i just got Bardins loot.

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