Getting hit while using Drakegun/Flamestorm charge attack causes the user to automatically use a light attack

As noted in this video by Malacar, getting hit while using the charged attack on the flame thrower weapons causes you to instantly use a light attack after the hitstun wears off.

This is a huge problem for several reasons.

  1. It’s a very large unintentional heat spike.

  2. The weapon switch delay on the light attack is extremely long.

This means that utilizing the charge attack is way more risky than it first appears. Not only does the giant flame effect obscure the players vision, but getting hit can easily put them into critical overcharge and leave them open to additional hits for a very long time. This is especially bad for Unchained.

Edit: It seems that any sort of enemy interruption can cause this to happen. I just experienced it due to wargor banner knockback.


I didn’t know this was a bug. But yeah… this is annoying me for a long time now and something should be done about it.

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