Generic 25% less spread talent is garbage

Has anyone found a legit reason to take this talent over any of the other 2 options your presented with? You could argue that it’s for shotguns, but 25% less spread is barely noticeable, maybe if it was 50% less spread it would have a niche with shotgun builds, but currently i find it useless.

If i were to replace it with another talent, i’d just replace it with talent that increases range damage by 10% and leave it at that.

If you have your own idea for a talent to replace the 25% less spread talent, post it below.


The 25% spread difference really matters at medium range. I have gone back and forth between it, and the 5% attack speed buff. I often find myself missing the ability to get that pesky gas rat that would have otherwise taken 2 shots, or me moving closer, and shooting at a later time. The 5% attack speed buff is hardly noticeable in comparison. At the end of the day I had to ask myself what gave me more control, and it is the 25% less spread. I don’t really ever need a bonus 30% healing either. It would be amazing if that carried over to teammates, essentially making RV Bardin a medic class, but that might be a bit too OP when Hand of Shallya. Perhaps it could be lowered to 25%, or outright replaced.

It doesn’t sound like a lot but it’s a very noticeable difference with shotguns. Any more and it would be a bit much.

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It has a big effect, you just don’t notice it much because the default crosshairs are not accurate. Try out the mod that makes your crosshair 1-1 with your actual cone of fire. Unlike reload speed it works with all weapons, even handgun for hipfire.

I wonder if this 30% more heal stacks with boon. I mean, that sounds like a truckload of thp, too bad RV has only 100 base health, making it rather useless.

It does. Still not remotely as good as flagellant or oblivious to dodge however.

I have to go back to full tank slayer I used to play. Yes, it was less fun than constant-ult build I’m using right now, but damn, I was tankier than IB :stuck_out_tongue:

While the effect is certainly noticeable, and RV at least could sensibly use it to turn Grudgeraker into a bit more sniper-y weapon, but I think the characters who have the Talent, lack the kind of moderately accurate, single-missile weapon it would gain the most on. Actually, I don’t think there are that many of those in the game altogether…

The shotguns (Grudgeraker, Blunderbuss, arguably Repeater Pistol) gain a big part of their advantage and general usefulness from their (relatively) wide cone and multiple pellets at once. Meanwhile the weapons that fire a single bullet or arrow are generally accurate enough by default to not gain significantly from the Talent. The Drakefire pistols could use it well, but they’re restricted to Ironbreaker who doesn’t have that Talent. Sienna also has a few weapons where it could be useful, but only Pyro has that Talent, and it competes with Martial Study and especially Natural Talent.

So yeah, while the Talent does have significant impact and can be used to gain an advantage, I thing the game generally lacks weapons that synergise with it (and often enough, there’re better options anyway).


I disagree, the improvement to hip fire for single shot weapons shouldn’t be underestimated.

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Well, actually, it should. The best thing is, handgun does not break through shields when hipfiring. And a snapshot during patrol encounter is theoretically THE situation when you really need to take out a shieldvermin fast. Well, you can’t cause the weapon has different characteristics depending on how you aim. This is beyond stupid.

Ok so since some of you like the 25% less spread skill i have come up with another solution. Rather then getting rid of the skill completely i think increasing the spread reduction to 33%, so the effects are more noticeable and adding a secondary affect would be better.

The secondary effect would dependent on what benefits the characters career/weapons, plus it would make the skill less generic.

Here’s a list of ideas i came up with for the secondary effects:

Huntsman: 20% faster fire rate with bows (currently the other reload skills don’t work with bows, so this skill fixes that)

Pyromancer: Increases ranged damage by 10% .

Ranger Veteran: Ranged weapons cleave through more enemies .

Bounty Hunter: Headshots with ranged weapons deal 25% more damage.


Unnecessary. Spread reduction is fine as it is, it already offers an accuracy boost to all weapons and that’s the most important stat. The only (non elf) weapon that’s pinpoint accurate is the handgun, all of the others are varying degrees of “not quite” accurate and a 25% boost makes a big difference to things like repeater handgun or longbow aimed shots.

However I agree with making reload bonuses work with bows, that’s one mechanic that never made sense to me. On top of that I would also look into making speed potions work with single shot weapons, possibly by making speed potions improve reload speed as well as movement and attack speed. Weapons like crossbow and handgun are “all reload and no attack” in terms of animation so they aren’t affected by attack speed at all.

The effects are already super noticeable. Screenshots taken with Huntsman longbow, hip firing at the same spot on the wall from middle of training courtyard.

Without spread reduction talent:

With spread reduction talent:

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