Gear And Item Transfer Between Characters Possible?

as the title says just wondering
will it be possibly implemented ?

Accessories are already globally available for all your characters. Weapons are available for all careers of the same character, provided they can use them.

kruber has a couple of nice bows in his inventory can i transfer those to the correct character?
or just salvage them ?

Those are Kruber’s bows for his huntsman career. You can’t give them to Kerillian, if that’s what you mean. Weapons are locked to characters, but available to all 3 careers of that same character (except for stuff like the longbow, which is only available to huntsman Kruber). If you want gear for your other characters, just open the lootcrates on the character you want to get gear for.

whatever happened to the kruber/kerry relationship fanbase

thanks that is what i was after. (cant transfer the gear to other chars)

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