Sharing equipment across characters

I feel like it would improve the game a lot if you’d be able to share your equipment accountwide seeing as most of the weapons thus far are shared between all classes (except Ogryn). And with how much of a difference in stats you get via curios it feels like a pain to get the proper ones with multiple characters.


I would like to see this aswell, since right now it takes quite an amount of time to get a weapon with the stats i like. Seeing that there is much more of a focus on weapon variety time with all the Perks added, i think it would be a great idea to add that.

If that would not be possible for weapons, i think it would be a great idea to atleast do this for the Curios, since every character uses them, and it would create an incentive for people to make alt’s.

I’d like to see anything that helps make it so every new character isn’t a start from zero. I’m dreading — not the quality one wants from a fun game — starting two other classes from scratch.

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